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Do you think intelligence is inherited?

Can the Catholic Church in Australia survive the Pell Pedophilia episode?

Do you think people who own small business are well off?


Should "Eggboy" have been charged with assault?

Should all supposedly happily married people be off limits in the dating game?

If you call the police on your neighbours, is the relationship irretrievably ruined?


Do you volunteer your time in any way to help those in need?

Do you think Australia is viewed in a positive light throughout the world?

Is 70 too old to start again in life?


Should sexual activity be encouraged amongst the elderly in aged Care facilities?

Is it time for religious organisations to pay tax and stand back from exerting political influence?

Will Artificially Intelligent robots pose a threat to human evolution?


Has the easy access hookup culture impacted negatively on society’s moral compass?

Can the politicians with enough commitment ever solve the homeless problem?

Are men always going to go gaga over beautiful women?


Have you ever been subject to an online scam or had your bank accounts hacked?

Must we tolerate every work place colleague?

Are first dates usually uncomfortable and awkward?