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Do you believe Missy Higgins Doctor Dad was irresponsible to attend to his patients when he was only showing mild symptoms of illness?

Do Australians no longer vote at the ballot box with honesty as a main criteria for their politicians?

Should we always be the keepers of our friends' secrets?

ISO #1

Do you think Harry and Meghan will regret leaving the Royal fold?

Has the ABC in your view been purposely persecuting George Pell?

Are you pessimistic about the prospects of a positive economic direction once we have overcome the Corona Virus health issues andlockdowns?

ISO #2

Do you think the Human race is headed towards extinction?

Looking at history and current and distant, do you feel we have eliminated the prospect of creating an extremist society (eg religious, Nazi, fascist, communistetc)?

Have Australian policies been selfish in completely disregarding non Australians living or travelling here during the covid lockdown ?

ISO #3

Should Australia be stepping back its commercial connections to China?

Does retirement always negatively impact the partner of the retiree?

Should you take back a lover who dumped you for another, simply because it didn't work out for them?

ISO #4

Are long-distance international internet relationships worth pursuing in the real world?

Can sympathy sex ever be a positive move?

Are we in the Western World still living in a sexually repressed society?

ISO #5

Are relationship issues for people in the gay community the same as those in the hetero community?

Do you believe Rio Tinto's destruction of the 46000 year old indigenous heritage site without penaltysets a dangerous precendent for other companies to do similar?

Have we reached an age of anything goes in relationship politics?

@Home Series
@Home #1

Is living back at the folk's place our new culture?

Is COVID-19 just a load of rubbish?

Have millennials become resentful and discourteous to older people because of the pandemic?

@Home #2

Has society placed too many expectations on young people to have their life sorted early?

Can you ever be friends with your ex?

Is Technology overtaking our lives?

@Home #3

Is Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Do you answer calls from Private Numbers?

@Home #4

Are the behaviours of people in modern times less ethical than times previous?

Do affairs ever finish in happy endings?

With covid19 still ravaging the world, has it changed our way of life forever, leaving us with an uncertain future for the next decade?

@Home #5

Australia has been consuming American culture since the end of WWII. Do you believe Australia will see the rise of a Trump figure?

Have families become closer since Covid hit the world?

Is it acceptable in this modern age that Australian society tolerate bigamy supported by social security benefits?