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Do you think intelligence is inherited?

Can the Catholic Church in Australia survive the Pell Pedophilia episode?

Do you think people who own small business are well off?


Should "Eggboy" have been charged with assault?

Should all supposedly happily married people be off limits in the dating game?

If you call the police on your neighbours, is the relationship irretrievably ruined?


Do you volunteer your time in any way to help those in need?

Do you think Australia is viewed in a positive light throughout the world?

Is 70 too old to start again in life?


Should sexual activity be encouraged amongst the elderly in aged Care facilities?

Is it time for religious organisations to pay tax and stand back from exerting political influence?

Will Artificially Intelligent robots pose a threat to human evolution?


Has the easy access hookup culture impacted negatively on society’s moral compass?

Can the politicians with enough commitment ever solve the homeless problem?

Are men always going to go gaga over beautiful women?


Have you ever been subject to an online scam or had your bank accounts hacked?

Must we tolerate every work place colleague?

Are first dates usually uncomfortable and awkward?


Is it inappropriate now for men to touch women in any way, even to offer a kiss hello?

Is the growing depression epidemic related to the abundance on offer in the modern world?

Was it unethical for a fertility doctor (Dr Jan Karbaat) to donate his own sperm and father over 50 children?


Should a parent ever confide in their children, private issues regarding the other parent?

Has big business caused the casualisation of the workforce at the expense of both the workers and small business?

Does social media have the negative effect of stunting the maturity of girls more so than boys?


Are we naturally averse to change?

Should legislation be enacted to stop internet violence and pornography flooding into Australia?

Are discussions of homosexuality out of place at a Kinder among 4 year olds?


Is the workplace appropriate to conduct an affair?

Have pet insurance companies made a visit to the vets more expensive?

Is it inappropriate for an 18yo man to move in with his 30yo former school teacher?


Are we such a spoilt society that we cannot trade our comforts for climate restoration?

Are grandparents usually victims in their kids marital breakdowns?

Is it becoming harder to find and enjoy quality family dinner time?


Will marriage evolve into a completely different thing in 50 years?

Do you feel China or Russia could be manipulating our political polling?

Are Aussies very different creatures to what we were 40 years ago?


Do you believe in a spiritual afterlife?

Do you feel we live in a safer world since the demise of Osama Bin Laden and more recently, Isis?

Should you believe a former lover who tells you they are a changed person and wants you back?


Do you feel a strong connection to the national anthem Advance Australia Fair?

Do you feel that justice is something that is increasingly dealt with by dishing out the dollars?

Is the level of betting advertising out of control?


Is Fox News fair and unbiased?

In your view is being an actor, flight attendant or model a glamorous job?

Is it ever worth holding on to work where you are being pressured or bullied?


Is the Christian Lobby acting appropriately to raise funds for Israel Folau’s legal challenge to his dismissal by Rugby Australia?

Ten years after his death in the face of many child molestation accusations, can Michael Jackson be celebrated as a musical genius?


Do you agree with Andy Lee’s suggestion that Tom Gleeson’s Gold Logie acceptance speech was in poor taste as other performers take it appropriately more seriously?

Is it your experience that the elimination of rubbish food in the diet and the consumption of nutritious natural foods can dramatically increase health and well being?

Is the customer still always right?


Is it bad form that Megan and Harry, who are supported by the public purse, chose to exclude the public from little Archie’s christening?

Should business owners be able to sue members of the public for an exaggerated bad online review which damages the business’ reputation and turnover?

Should embarrassing and previously hidden facts continue to be concealed when handing down family history?


Should people compromise high values to maintain relationships?

Is private health insurance pointless for the majority of Australians?

Can toxic individuals evolve into compassionate, well meaning people?


Should I meet his parents even though we’ve only been together for 2months and I can’t be sure he’s the one?

Is it easy to identify a person with class?

50 years on, do you believe the Moon landing was faked?


Are Australians doing enough regarding climate change?

Is it harder to be a young person today than it was a generation ago?

Is it harder to be a young person today than it was a generation ago?


Should climbing Uluru be banned in considering cultural sensitivities?

Should paid lactation breaks be introduced for nursing mums?

Is it normal to expect the elderly to move into nursing homes rather than stay at home?


Should Councils and Councillors around the nation be made more accountable and efficient for the benefit of their ratepayers?

Should parties for children now be considerate of global warming concerns?

With one corporation in Western Australia owning all the newspapers plus the largest TV station is it time to tighten the media ownership laws?


When you split the restaurant bill with friends are you happy to contribute for things you haven’t had?

Should long term partners always have an exit strategy worked out just in case?

Are people more responsible for their pets than they care for the environment?


Whilst we unquestionably are experiencing scientific & technical advancement around the world , are we at the same time seeing a decline in social attachments and real concern for one another?

Has book week become more about the individual rather than the books?

Do you believe that the move by banks and governments to create a cashless society is a move for greater control only for their benefit and not for the benefit of the people or individuals?


Are men now scared to speak out against the bullying behaviour of females for fear of being accused of misogyny?

Do you find politics around the world is lacking in real and meaningful leadership?

Is it near impossible to motivate others to be more healthy?


Do you believe fine dining is healthier than fast foods?

Is sending naked photos of yourself to your loved one now considered normal behaviour?

Is the appeal of the Royals now one of simple celebrity?


Do you feel the Tayla Harris AFLW Statue is a little premature given a lack of long term accomplishment or achievement?

Can long term family estrangements be overcome when all parties remain indignant?

Do you agree that welfare recipients should be drug tested as a precondition of receiving benefits?


Is sexual promiscuity among cousins now generally acceptable?

Do you agree with The Mining Council of Australia’s view that its now safe to mine uranium despite the lessons of Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island plus the ongoing generational health issues from nuclear bombs and their testing?

Does God fail to exist if everyone stops believing?


Would you encourage your family members to apply to be on The Bachelor or the Bachelorette?

In considering the plight of many currently in prisons around the world do you think majority of Australian tourists are naive to the dangers of foreign travels?


Should the opinion of a previous partner to your spouse having any bearing on your life?

Do you feel you are contributing enough personally to reduce your carbon footprint & counter global warming?

Are cheats beginning to prosper in the modern era?


Do you believe doctors too easily prescribe and overprescribe antidepressants?

Is Spending large on professional touched up photos for your Tinder account a good investment?

Is stalking an ex becoming a more common experience?


Facebook and Instagram are trialling the hiding of the number of likes we receive. Is this a positive move?

Is being thrown out of home for drug use an appropriate parental discipline?

Is it impossible to motivate another to de clutter their life?


Are Harry and Megan a little too sensitive regarding media negativity?

Do you feel stalking is on the increase?

Is it time we brought back death taxes and wealth on the mega-rich?


Do you know how to recognise a sociopath?

Once you’ve embarrassed yourself completely in front of a business client is the business relationship repairable?

As we begin to live in closer proximity to one another are noise issues becoming harder to deal with?


Do you think careers of the future are disappearing as automation and technology shrink the employment opportunities available?

Is moving back into the parental home later in life to care for your surviving parent and save money a bad move?

Should kids feel at ease to move into their parents home with their partners?