We’re Back for 2018!

Australia, the wait is over! We’re back for 2018, our 20th year of Solving your problems! This year, we have a brand new look and a lot of things coming up, to make it a year to remember.

This year is also about marking our 20th year of broadcasting, as Australia’s longest running community TV Programme.  Part of this will be each week when we open the Sweet and Sour vault, to look back at some of our favourite outros from some of our favourite guests!

It all kicks of on Easter Monday (April 2nd), Adelaide viewers, there is no change to our timeslot, airing at 7.30pm on Channel 44. Perth viewers, We are back on Monday Nights! We’re airing Monday 10pm on WTV.

On top of this, each Monday night the episode will be available to watch here on our website.

Strap yourself in Australia. Sweet and Sour’s back!!

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