Letters – 2020 Online Special


Below are the letters from 2020 Online Special. Have your say on these topics in the comments section. Click Here to Watch the full episode.

Red Alert

Dear Panellists,

The world has never witnessed a pandemic the likes of this Corona Virus. What sort of people are we Aussies when even our health professionals don’t take the necessary precautions, they themselves prescribe?

I can’t believe Missy Higgins’ doctor dad, flies into Melbourne from the United States with Covid 19 symptoms, goes to work in his Toorak Medical Clinic and visits patients in an aged care facility. This virus is killing people and the world’s economy is collapsing and yet this irresponsible, highly arrogant & self-important “health professional” sees fit to disregard all that and head out into the community to do his worst. Come on!

We need to fine and imprison those who are guilty of such behaviour. Unless the panel can think of other means, it’s the only way to stop people like this.


Lost the Plot

I look and Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Scomo, and so many other leaders all the way right around the world and think it is all completely our fault that honesty and integrity are no longer priorities for any us when voting at the ballot box. How else would a politician be able to abandon these important virtues, where not more than 50 years ago “trustworthiness” was the single greatest determinant of leadership.

Perhaps we excuse the lying and cheating because it seems we now prioritise economic growth above all else. Where does each of the panellists’ rank honesty and integrity when they themselves go to the ballot box now? How do we get to reverse this terrible trend when it’s a problem not confined to any side of politics, it’s all of them?



Oh, Sweet and Sour why does she do it?

It’s unfair. I always feel so guilty despite having done nothing but spend time listening! I love to bits my best friend of over 20 years, but she loads me up with all her dirty little secrets every time we get together.

It’s exhausting and leaves me more often than not wanting to just pick up the phone to her husband and let him know (anonymously perhaps), that his wife of 11 years, mother to their two beautiful kids, is trashing their marriage and sleeping with any man she sets her discreet sights upon. If I didn’t know, it wouldn’t worry me, but she spills her guts every time we meet, and she’s even taken to calling me her ‘trustee confessor’. I’ve told her to stop telling me. She still does. I told her I worry about her relationship and her kids. If it makes a difference it doesn’t show because the next time, I see her she starts with, “I’ve been a bad girl again!”

I don’t want to abandon her, and she’s always been my most supportive friend, but I really can’t listen to it anymore. Suggestions, please!