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switch witch

My 30-year-old daughter is attracted to powerful women. Yes, she’s lesbian.

To be more to the point, she’s attracted to other women who she thinks are powerful. She does anything for them and they invariably use, abuse and dump her, in that order. I need to help her because she can’t help herself. I don’t know what this lure is and I’m not sure if it has something to do with her coming out at the age of 14 encouraged to do so by a very strong aunty of hers, my sister in law.

Perhaps she fits into that mould where young girls blindly gravitate to partners perceived to be moneyed and powerful? If I can understand the lure, I may be able to open her eyes to the truth, that the best catches are those who have strong characters rather than those who seek to control others through the acquisition of power.

I must say it’s not money so much that she chases, it’s those women who are in the top positions. I’ve seen her ladder hop and drop her current partner to get to the top. Gosh, I have problems understanding hetero relationships and now I need to be across so much more to be of help to my daughter.

Are gay people any different to hetero people in this regard??!



I always thought that Aussies are pretty good and fair. We backed Scomo when he asked us to stay home and Isolate and he’s done a pretty good job of keeping Australia pretty COVID-19 safe. We gave Mark McGowan ongoing applause when he kept our borders close.

Yet both leaders did and said very little and have done bugger all regarding Rio Tinto’s act of criminal destruction in exploding the caves that contained artefacts of our indigenous people dating back 46 thousand years. It was huge news, and everyone agreed that it was completely wrong but nothing has been done to ensure that it never happens again. If anything mining companies have been encouraged to do it again since it seems a simple apology by the Rio Tinto CEO, was all that was required and now it’s business as usual. I’ve not heard about it on the news since.

What I have heard is that a Chinese mining company is about to do exactly the same in Australia with similarly culturally valuable site. Am I the only one who thinks this is appalling? Am I out of step to think that our indigenous heritage is of immense significance to all of us. I say we Aussies are pretty good and fair but just maybe we’re simply just happy to go along with anything and we’re blasé about everything.



I’d like to think I have good ethics and getting better. I don’t know what I can say to someone like my sister who I feel is just a user of people. She’s going out with two guys right now. Neither knows the other one exists, and she keeps telling me that she doesn’t know which one she likes in preference. It’s awful and I certainly would not like to be one of the guys who both seem very nice and whom I met before she told me he was dating them concurrently.

So here I am having this discrete conversation with my mum without revealing who I’m talking about (and if she knew it was her daughter, I know she would just die) when I notice the TV programme the Bachelorette is playing on the tele in the background. Sure enough, there’s this female character at the centre of it all, kissing away with numerous men and it struck me that this disgusting behaviour is being normalised by these shows.

How do I convince my sister that her obligation and everyone’s for that matter, is to be honest and fair with others and not lead anyone on, when here is this top rating, highly promoted TV show promoting gutter ethics?

What chance has this world got when the advertisers and multinational corporations are promoting love as a consumable and disposable. How do we get people like my sister to be mindful of their proper obligations to other humans?