Below are the letters from [IN ISOLATION] Episode 4. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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robo bonking

Ok, It’s my fault but what do I do to keep my sanity and not lose the plot completely? You see I’ve committed the sin that I’ve warned my 15-year-old daughter about for years. I’ve fallen in love with someone over the net and I don’t even know if they are real, so I’ve just realised.

 It happened when I broke up with my husband. Without going into detail our relationship was done, and my best friend gave me great advice to distract myself otherwise I’d start to feel lonely and make the mistake of letting my ex back in and that would have been a bigger tragedy. I jumped on an online app and chatted to a huge variety of people. I even dabbled with same-sex curiosity but that didn’t really excite me at all.

Well the way these things work, people tend to filter themselves out and I gravitated to one American man who kept me laughing, thinking and was always engaging and entertaining. Soon enough I found myself waiting and watching the clock for the time to be able to reach him.

Then, I was going to fly to Atlanta to meet him and after much planning I was booked for April, when travel around the world stopped abruptly. I was so disappointed, but it gave me time to reflect on my behaviour. What am I doing? I don’t know what is real about him.

I didn’t have any doubts until the flights had to be abandoned. My best girlfriend keeps urging me to just go when I can…but she’s got herself into a whole lot of trouble so often she’s probably not the one to be cheered on by. So Sweet and Sour what do I do? I can’t stop thinking about him and I really enjoy every moment when we are talking or zooming. What’s the worst that I should prepare for here?


dead cert!

When is it too early to date someone after the death of their partner? I should tell you I’m not the first man she’s had a relationship with since her husband died of a brain aneurism almost 3 years ago. She and her husband didn’t have kids and she’s a really attractive and fit looking girl of 33. Her libido is through the roof and the sex is incredible.

She just seems to be sad every second day and, in our chats,, it’s always clear she’s still grieving for her dead husband. She’s a great woman when she’s not so sad. It’s just that she’s so sad so often. I feel guilty when she’s feeling so low but still wants to have sex to make herself feel better, but it’s beginning to make me feel odd almost guilty for taking advantage of her.

After 3 years do you think this might always be a significant part of her character. She wants to get pregnant but that scares me a bit because I don’t know if she’ll cope. Where to from here with this lovely but sad soul do you think panellists?


dining in

My husband and I are parents to four. Two are his, two are mine. They are all between 16 and 20. Everyone gets along on well; perhaps too well.

My son (the eldest of all the kids) is a real boy. He’s a cheeky, good-natured young man and is a huge influence on the other 3 kids. Well from the age of 12 he was sneaking his girlfriends into our home and having sex, while at the same time the other kids were in the house and my husband and I were at work. We only found out when we caught out my stepdaughter doing the same thing only to be told by her that her stepbrother had been doing the same thing for years and why is it so wrong for her.

Well, we put a stop to all of that, so we thought. They stopped bringing their friends home for sex but instead decided that it wasn’t against the rules to have sex with each other at home. Worse still is that the younger kids began doing the same.

This time we found out only because our youngest, my daughter, came down with a urinary infection and wanted to know if her brothers might have given it to her.

An utterly awful realisation and we still just can’t get our heads around it. The kids are actually all very well adjusted socially and academically bright. My husband and I as I said are quite shocked but don’t want to impose some draconian antiquated values on these otherwise normal, healthy, happy and very positive young people. Is this happening a normal occurrence in the western world today? And what the hell do we do??