Below are the letters from [IN ISOLATION] Episode 3. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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I’m a bit over people being paranoid about doing business with the Chinese. Sure they’re not ethical, they’re authoritarian control freaks and all that but I doubt that they are any less trustworthy than the Americans or the British and we don’t have any issue doing business with either of them. If we want to live in the manner to which we have all become accustomed, we need the income from the exports.

Our Prime Minister should keep his mouth shut instead of aggravating the Chinese officials and calling for an investigation into how the Corona Virus was initiated. And then the Mick Malthouses of the world start climbing on too? Now they’ve started cancelling our barley and meat exports. What is wrong with us? Why do we think doing the American’s bidding in their war of words and trade with the Chinese and calling for an investigation into how the Chinese lost control of the virus would help us? Time to keep the exports flowing and the Chinese money coming in. Doesn’t your panel agree??



Is it normal for the person who you fell in love with all those 40 years ago, to simply get on your nerves? He’s been in my face for 7 months since he retired. It has nothing to do with this Covid 19 lock down. I noticed around 4 months ago that since my husband retired, he started following me around the house, always asking that aggravating question, “what are you up to Hon?”, and trying to insert himself in everything I was doing.

The other thing I noticed is that he doesn’t have enough things to be interested in and that’s probably why he’s in my face. Small issues have become major catastrophes but only in his head; and like I said, he’s become insufferable and he’s getting on my nerves in a major way. So panellists you can see my issue but what the hell can I do about it?



So my ex is a health care worker. A nurse to be precise. Yes one of the people we’ve been clapping and encouraging through the COVID-19 blitz, but she completely turned my world upside down 14 months ago and wants to do it again now.

See she left me after 6 years of being together ( with 3 of those years married) , for one of those good looking, fit, smart doctors that she worked closely with over a short period of time. I told her then that she was being a fool because these Romeos are notorious for chasing new conquests and then moving on when the excitement is gone. So it only took 14months and she’s begging me to take her back.

I hate her and yet I’m not over her either. Is it a thing that people leave their loved ones for others and then come back. I have no idea so I’m turning to your panellist for some advice because I’m all over the place. Some help please