Letters – [IN ISOLATION] Episode #2


Below are the letters from [IN ISOLATION] Episode 2. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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who me?

My kids don’t do Government unless it suits them. They haven’t enrolled to vote despite their mother and me reminding them once a month. They haven’t downloaded the CovidSafe app despite their mum and me reminding them once a day.

And after I returned home  from work one day last week to find more than a dozen of their mates there playing either on the pool table or on the electronic games, I realised that they take no notice of any of the daily government health warnings and recommendations. They are in the age group responsible for 40% transmission of COVID-19, more than any other age bracket.

Could you please explain to me why they feel untouchable and what I can do to get them to wake up and practice safer more responsible social understandings?


home ppe!

It’s 6 weeks since we’ve been in our version of isolation and I’m going completely spare here on top of everything else.

We’re both working from home and we’re keeping our two high school age children home through all this as well. We’re ordering in including the grocery shopping, but the wife and the kids are ordering junk food at the rate of knots. I can’t help indulging in my share of the chocolates and lollies too. And we’re all becoming a little slower, larger and well, less hygienic also.

Is everyone the same? I’m embarrassed to ask anyone else what to do about it, but the horrible odours coming from the wife and kids are sending me into the furthest  rooms of the house on my own. It’s awful. What are you people
doing to stay sane, healthy and how do you stop the avalanche of that other pandemic stinky symptom, Corona gas???


watchya step-dad

So the wife tells me I’m a wonderful stepdad to her three children. We’ve been married for 15 years and had the kids who are now all in their 20’s, at home all that time. I’m the one that helped them with homework. I even nursed them when they were sick. I took them driving lesson, I buy them birthday and Christmas presents, I’m forever handing out the cash and  I cook them dinner on most nights when they’re home.

Their own dad is what I’d call an absentee parent. He’s in their lives, but it’s probably once a month at best that they see him and he really has done very little over the years for them. Despite all of that I do my best to make sure they think well of him and buy him gifts on birthdays, Christmas, and Father’s day.

I think I’m a good loving step-parent. These kids who behave typically of their age group, however, have never in their lives bought me a single present.