Letters – [IN ISOLATION] Episode #1


Below are the letters from [IN ISOLATION] Episode 3. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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I finally have the time to write to you. Frankly, I don’t think we’re going to make it. I’m not talking COVID-19 because I know we’ll have this under wraps in a little while. I’m talking the long term survival of the human species. We don’t seem to even face the notion in any real sense.

I have all these idiots telling me that humans are threatening the life of the planet. We aren’t. The planet doesn’t care. It’s our own lives we threaten and the lives of every other species living on the planet. The planet doesn’t care. Humans have only been around for approx. 2 million years in one form or another. Dinosaurs roamed here for 165million years dying out because of a cataclysmic meteor event 65M years ago.

The coronavirus has shown how vulnerable we are and yet it has a death rate of only 3%. If we unleash something more virulent, it’s over baby. So what do we do? Now that the world has become much smaller and let’s face it it’s the universal travel phenomena that created the COVID pandemic do we stop the globalisation push, stop travelling. Heavens knows we are the most unhealthy generation of people ever. Do any of you think we can go on like this, or even at all, forever??



Are they gone? Can they get power again? Are we better poised to fend them off than we were 100 years ago? Is our social awareness and education allowing us to see the extremists and others when they’re coming? The Nazi’s, the Communists, the billionaire capitalists, the religious nuts, the environmentalist fanatics. And what of threats coming from outside our nation?

Just where are we at the moment? Are we just as vulnerable to predator groups seeking power and control as every nation has been in the past? I’m a little fearful because I know we’ve become a very complacent nation as we’ve become more obsessed with our own consumption and inwardly focused. So do we have real threats coming from both within and without our nation? Am I right in also thinking we still have threats coming from primitive minded authoritarian regimes sitting in close proximity to Australia?

So are they just an illusion and in the modern age the threats inside and out are gone and now they’re just conversation? Or have we made zero progress in 100 years?



As you might be able to tell I am from Brazil. I have been here for 7 years, paying my way through studies at the Uni of NSW for four years and working since then with my working visa as I continue to be working towards becoming an Australian Citizen.

The Covid close down has shown me how people in times of need become terrible and forget others. I’ve paid every step of my way and have never expected it to be any other way. When the covid19 lockdown hit Sydney, airline flights were being cancelled. Two weeks after this closing down, the Australian Prime Minister made an announcement that he expected me and people with visas like mine to go home.

There was no money for people like me, caught in lockdown. I was put out of my job (as everyone has been) at the restaurant I work and have been living with other non-Australians captured into the same predicament in a share house, living off the money we should have used for rent payments, but now that we thankfully cannot be evicted so we use the rent money for food. One Aussie workmate who usually earns casually $250 for the week on his small number of shifts has been paid by the government $750 per week through our employers for doing nothing.

I was earning at most $500.00 each week but now I earning nothing. I am expected to go home but can’t afford the $8000.00 the one-way fare is. I am stuck and soon to run out of funds completely. How can Australia do this to me? I also realised your government did the same to people caught on cruise ships. What am I supposed to do, please??