Letters – @Home Episode #5


Below are the letters from @Home Episode 5. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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My son who is now 20 is, I’m sure, just like every other person his age, influenced by the dominant culture that pervades the space; being the airwaves, social media and the educational institutions. Sometimes he wears his jeans under his bum!

Thank goodness this is disappearing but as someone who recalls fondly sitting with school mates on the school bus singing our national anthem to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme, I’m now hyper-aware that our unique Australian way of life has been eroded since the USA dominated the world post world war 2. Many of our media outlets are now owned by foreign interests and so I look at my son and worry. This last political experiment in the US which has really drawn out the divisions already manifested in the USA has frightened me about the future for our kids.

Our own indigenous cultures take a distant last place in the minds of our commercially driven young people and I don’t want to see any more abandonment of our Australianess for an embrace of something like Trumpism.

What do the panellists believe we ought to be doing as a community to both grow the celebration and embrace of our own community and protect against the decay being experience in our dominant cultural influence the USA?



Without pointing fingers at certain groups, there is a whole lot or rorting going on of the Australian public purse. I live next door to a family who live courtesy of the taxpayer. 

There’s a lot of kids. That’s fine but in the 6 years that they have lived next door, two more kids have arrived. The worst of this is that the father of this lot is only part-time and get this, divides his time between another family he has that also lives courtesy of the taxpayer. It’s a good country for some!

How do we get this changed because we’ve made it too easy for everyone to rip me and you off. Why is this permitted and what values are the children living in this situation learning?



Well I never expected any of this. I’m sure no one did. The kids moved back home at the start of covid. 6 months later they are still here and can’t really go anywhere either. They both lost their jobs when the hospitality entertainment industry closed down and still haven’t the means to change things yet.  My wife who has been working from home since the pandemic hit,  only clocks half the hours that she did prior.

So with reduced income yet more mouths again, I’m now in an economic stalemate going nowhere, but thankfully not going backwards either….at this stage. Is this the new norm? I’m well aware that the world economy didn’t recover from the Great Depression until the post-war 50’s saw the advent of new technologies that revolutionised the western way of life.  I don’t know what I should be encouraging my kids to think.

On one hand, I’ve seen more of and chatted more with my two kids than at any other time and it feels like we are a family again. On the other, I worry for their long term economic well-being.  How do the panellists view the future of our kids?