Below are the letters from @Home Episode 3. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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Hello Mitch,

Is it true once a cheater always a cheater?? I hope not but I need some direction here to make sure that I nip this possibility in the bud!

My 16-year-old son is in his second last year at high school and he’s a pretty normal and average student. Last week one evening he said to me that he was studying for a history test that he was to have the following day. Well, he finished studying very quickly and was back to his computer and gaming also very quickly. Without asking I went to his room to grab a pen out of his pencil case and found a whole heap of cheat notes on his history topic!  I almost died.

I have no idea why he would feel the need to cheat. I don’t know how long this has been going on but if he’s doing it in history, he’s obviously doing it in every subject. It’s never going to help him. My dad always told me there is no such thing as a short cut in life. And that’s proven to me every single day. What can I do to change his crash course to hardship which this invariably leads to? I know at this age he cheats on his girlfriend too. Am I too late?

Natarsha, Mandurah, WA


Hi Folks,

Is it just me or does everyone think Australia Post is just a crap organisation now?

I mailed a card and present to my sister for her birthday. I paid extra so I could track the item and have delivery expedited. After two weeks it still hadn’t been delivered and so I went to claim the insurance on it.  I was told I would have to wait for a recovery strategy to be completed even though they could no longer track it. What a pathetic organisation Australia Post is now. How sad is that?

The last CEO left after diminishing the organisation to a loss-making, sluggish business that no longer prioritised mail as its focus and that idiot left after pocketing millions of dollars in bonuses despite all the losses. Today I learnt that the new CEO bought gifts of Cartier watches for 4 employees….she’s also been shown the back door. The role of this Government Department is defined by legislation and it’s completely failed that.

But is this just the tip of the iceberg? Are all government agencies just vehicles now for Fatcats to graze and the needs of the public have become second to a corporate raider mentality? Can we ever turn this around?

Byron, Salter Point, WA


Hello Panel,

Why don’t some people want to answer their phone if it’s doesn’t show a number? My girlfriend who is 44, drives me nuts when she sits there wondering who it was that called on her mobile, but still won’t budge if the incessant caller uses a private or hidden number. I’ve gone to the extent of making my number private just to teach her a lesson but still, she won’t answer…. ever!

I don’t get it. Less than 20 years ago none of us knew who was on the other end of the phone when it rang, and we raced for the phone. I just don’t get what the lurking insecurity is that has so many of us not answering private numbers. Could the panellists please let me know why this phenomenon exists and why it has grown please?