Letters – @Home Episode #1


Below are the letters from @Home Episode 1. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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The winds of Change

I’m 36 and COVID-19 has seen me moving back in with mum and dad. To move back in with the olds is, apparently, a big no-no at my age.

I've been in the real-estate business for the past ten years. Looking at the growing trend for a smaller and smaller number of occupants in a home, I see the reason for so much loneliness and depression. We as humans need the company of other people to feel connected, but as economic sheep with a group mentality, we apparently have the greater need to have our own kingdom; all because we've been brainwashed that its normal behaviour to “own you own!”.

Well, it's not normal, it's economically driven behaviour that is just out of step with the real needs of all of us and now that the economy is collapsing because of covid19 maybe we'll understand our basic human requirements rather than focus on being economically driven and accepting the misplaced values of our out of balance materialistic society. So really folks, any valid reasons I shouldn't move back in with my folks on a permanent basis, even if I partner up??


Bait & Switch

Seriously, why are people so gullible? This COVID rubbish is just a load of bulldust to get rid of cash and make a whole lot of rich people even richer.

I don’t believe any of the panic. It’s no more dangerous than the flu but for some reason, we put all our rights to the side and lockdown and stop travelling while who knows what is happening around the world that we’re not meant to see.

Wake up world. We’re all being conned and robbed.


new protocols

What are we coming to? This younger generation is just learning how to become more and more people unfriendly and looking for ways to be just that despite what we are all going through around the world at the moment. I was brought up in a well-mannered household and I was taught to shake hands with people on meeting and on departing. Now I’m happy to elbow bump.

I was in a government department yesterday and I was being attended to by a young lady wearing her face mask, who didn’t seem too much be enjoying her role dealing with the public, as she didn’t show any appreciation or shred of pleasantness the entire time she served on the counter, with me or any previous person.

She was efficient and thorough I must admit but when I went to thank her and put forward my elbow to bump with hers; she looked at my arm then back at me and asked in a very offended manner, “Why do you wish to assault me! I’ll have to call my supervisor.” I was so appalled and shocked, I said to the supervisor that they had all my details if they wanted to press charges, they knew where to find me!

What did I do wrong here? From when did wanting to elbow bump constitute something so politically incorrect? What is in the mind of young people today? What have they learnt? Please let me know if I’m out of step. I’m still in shock.