Letters – Episode 40 2019


Below are the letters from Episode 40 2019. We'd love to know what you think! Do you agree with the panel or are they totally wrong? Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

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generation tomorrow

Dear Sweet and Sour,

Young people are the future. The next generation belongs to them. Inevitably they will make the same mistakes that every generation has made, as human nature never changes. I worry because this current generation seems, disconnected from current political realities. Yet if they are to change their lot for the better, they need to be out there and loud!

From the conversations I’m having with my kids and their friends they are not impressed with any major political party be it Liberal, Labor or Greens. So my questions to your panel are what do you think are the significant issues that concern youth today and if they were to form a political grouping or party that stood a chance of being elected what name would they give to that party to attract not just the youth vote but as much of our community as possible to get across the line?


gotch covered! 

Hey Sweet and Sour,

I’m 26 and a self-employed tradie. I had to have an operation recently to have my leg corrected, for a condition I’ve had since the onset of puberty. I always knew I’d have to have the operation once I stopped growing and when I got my trade ticket, I took up my private health insurance so I wouldn’t have to worry about any expenses with the operation.

Up until the point I took up my private health insurance, I was covered by my mum’s and dad’s policy, so I’ve always been privately covered. Well, I’m writing into you to see if you think private health insurance is a good thing or a must-have for anyone? The reason I’m asking is that I’m now having to pay the gaps in the health cover, the difference between what the insurance pays out and what the doctors, surgeons, anaesthetist and hospital charges are.

Well, I have to pay out more than $12,000.00 and I’m really pissed off because I found out that if I wasn’t covered, I would not have to pay a single cent as a public patient. How can this be fair? Why should anyone have private cover if it costs so much in gap payments?


testing missus

Dear Panel,

I'm not dumb even though my girlfriend of over five years thinks I am. She's probably had at least seven other guys while we’ve been together, and she thinks I don't know about them. She’s the first woman I’ve ever slept with and I pretty much still have huge feelings for her which is why I’m still in this relationship.

I’m pretty sure she won’t leave me because I work for my dad and his businesses do very well. So well, that we go on holidays for two weeks at least every six months and she comes too. She doesn't work. She continues to study, and she is currently working toward her Masters in Arts. Now she says she thinks she’s pregnant and I don’t know what to do?

Do I have a DNA test when the baby is born to see if it’s mine? Do I just leave her now and see if she comes back to me? I just don’t know. Have I made a mess of my life at this point already??