Letters – Episode 40 2019

Below are the letters from Episode 40 2019. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Dear Sweet and Sour,

Young people are the future. The next generation belongs to them. Inevitably they will make the same mistakes that every generation has made, as human nature never changes. I worry because this current generation seems, disconnected from current political realities. Yet if they are to change their lot for the better, they need to be out there and loud!

From the conversations I’m having with my kids and their friends they are not impressed with any major political party be it Liberal, Labor or Greens. So my questions to your panel are what do you think are the significant issues that concern youth today and if they were to form a political grouping or party that stood a chance of being elected what name would they give to that party to attract not just the youth vote but as much of our community as possible to get across the line?


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