Letters – Episode 39 2019

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Hey Sweet and Sour,

Am I stepping into a marriage that I will regret? My fiancé and I are getting married on the Friday after Christmas. I’m in love with him and he’s a wonderful man and he’s my soul mate. The only reason I feel like the Christmas marriage Grinch is because he’s such an immoveable stone if he sets his mind to something. Utterly immoveable.

I know it’s late in the piece but half the people that I really want at my wedding I wasn’t allowed to invite because he didn’t want me to swamp the wedding with more invitees than he has invited. Equal numbers. His argument is that if marriage is an equal partnership it must be evidenced everywhere. So, we’ve invited 30 people each, yet I could have invited at least 20 more whom I really want with me. It’s not a money thing, his parents are paying for his invites and my parents are paying for my invites and they both have plenty of dollars.

It’s so tight that I can’t even invite my best friend from my school years even though she’s not my best friend now. Is it worth cancelling at this late point? I’ll call it off over the Christmas table if I have to!!


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