Letters – Episode 37 2019

Below are the letters from Episode 37 2019. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Dear Sweet and Sour,

Can we come up with our own traditions now, please? I’m a little sick of Halloween infiltrating and growing in significance here. I get it. it’s just that we don’t have anything of our own for kids, so the vacuum gets filled by the idea with the biggest commercial push.

It’s basic science; high pressure to low pressure. Are we such a vacuous society though that we can’t repel these negative American cultural influences and start adopting our own? Something indigenous would be terrific. . If we stick with creepy themes, we could even have the Kadaicha Man festival! We do very little except celebrate an Australia Day on which we have a preoccupation, yet it’s become divisive and a little meaningless.

I’m writing to ask your panel what new and very Australian holidays and festivals you can suggest so we can begin to celebrate our own traditions instead of continuously adopting foreign commercial culture?


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