Letters – Episode 23 2019

Below are the letters from Episode 18 2018. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Dear Panellists,

I’ll make this very short, every council in Australia needs to be sacked and we need to start again.

Councils need to prioritise delivering services to their area as cost-effectively as possible. Instead, we see them building monstrous Council Chambers, with Councillors taking huge salaries or allowances and building almost untouchable of political fiefdoms that cost a fortune to run. I’m sick of it. My rates have gone up and up even when the value of the property has gone down and down in the last few years.

My Council had the nerve to tell me when I complained, that the rates will come down in the next review because the current revaluations will kick in next year. That’s a total lie. When the GFC hit and my property value halved;the following year, and then all subsequent years my rates grew and continued to do so.

I’ve committed myself to much community service. It has nothing to do with receiving payment. Councillors must no longer be paid. We also need to ensure that Councils are subject to efficiency targets and sacked if they aren’t met. Do the panellists have more suggestions on how to kill the behemoths that Councils have become?


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