Letters – Episode 15 2019

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Dear Sweet and Sour,

You know how we can all brainwash ourselves simply by overindulging in certain areas, well I’m the only one of my group of mates who won’t watch or read anything that’s connected with Rupert Murdoch, so I don’t do Fox News.

Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed all of my mates become irrationally right wing. I thought they’d simply reached that middle age stage in life where they’ve all become cranky about everything and everyone. Then I realised the rubbish and mean spirit they were all spouting came straight out of ultra-right- wing fox news. I purposely broke my rule and watched Fox News at one of my mates’ place. Well, I couldn’t believe that rubbish doesn’t come with a warning.

Now I understand why the current American President got elected. It’s brainwashing on a huge level. I could never understand why our ABC was always accused of being so bias and left wing when I found it remarkably informative and professional. It’s the disciples of Fox News labelling it. Each time I hear accusations of ABC bias, I now immediately I ask the accuser and sure enough, it’s a Fox viewer. How do we overcome this shocking bias? Now I understand how brainwashing turns good people into NAZI’s!


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