Letters – Episode 13 2019

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Hello Sweet and Sour,

Last month, during the middle of one particular night, I awoke at 3 am to hear my very mature 14-year-old daughter sobbing in her bedroom. After much probing, she finally revealed that my mum, who passed away a year before, apparently visited her and warned against attending school the following day.

In short, as she was traumatised I allowed her to stay at home that day. We learnt the following morning that a staircase collapsed at school as her maths class was dismissed, and thankfully while there were many sprains and scratches suffered by her school friends, not a soul was seriously hurt. Since then, it’s had a very positive and real effect on my daughter to the extent of her wanting to attend our church every week, and finally letting go of the grief that she was baring because of my mum’s passing. They were both very close. We all were.

I don’t know whether I’m cynical, a non-believer a concerned mum or all of these...I just don’t know if I believe in ghosts and because of that, I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing by my daughter by doing nothing. Since overcoming the initial trauma of her visitation, she hasn’t stopped telling me how beautiful my mum was to her.


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