Letters – Episode 12 2019

Below are the letters from Episode 12 2019. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Hi Sweet and Sour,

Marriage is right for you when it opens up your world, my mum always told me. Sounds terrific, but I married because I was thought this was going to be the case. I was totally starry-eyed and in love with my now husband.

We've been married now for 26 years and I can’t for the life of me see that my marriage opened up my world. If anything, it's weighed me down with responsibility and keeps me closed in. We have to keep paying the mortgage, the never-ending bills, bills, bills and just never have time for ourselves because we are too busy looking after and still fending for our 2 beautiful but expensive tertiary student kids.

How can marriage ever open up anyone's world? Is it a total myth born of a different era? My kids, two beautiful girls, have said that they are not interested in marriage, yet my husband says it’s our responsibility to sell the marriage idea to them to ensure their happiness. What are the panellists view on this and will
people still be getting married in 50 years??


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