Letters – Episode 10 2019

Below are the letters from Episode 10 2019. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Hi Sweet and Sour,

I want to win my man, so I need some advice from the panel, please? We’ve been romantic for about two years but like everything in life we have obstacles. We met at work and we still work together. He’s the boss actually. We have to keep it all very quiet otherwise it will just be awful for everyone.

He has two grown-up kids and a wife. They don’t have a good relationship which is why we are together, and he keeps promising that we will be together as soon as the kids are off their hands.

I’m a bit unsure of myself when it comes to these issues and I just don’t know how to make everything happen for us sooner rather than later. I’m sick of biting my tongue every day, to be honest, and it’s becoming awkward as his wife works here three days a week and I’m pretty sure she suspects something is going on because she doesn’t say hello to me anymore.

What should I do to make it all happen for me sooner than later, please?


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