Letters – Episode 35 2018

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Hi Sweet and Sour,

We’ve been going out for 7 years and we’ve got plans to get married. Then everything seemed blurry when we were watching some stupid conspiracy anti lunar landing programme on TV, and she said with conviction,” Yep I believe we didn’t land on the moon too!” I laughed and then realised that this clever, considered, successful woman was totally serious.

When I pointed out that the programme wouldn’t be able to substantiate the idea because it’s just an easy inexpensive production to make some quick dollars for the networks, and the science to get us to the moon, and now way beyond it, is solid, she still insisted that she believes humankind didn’t make it to the moon and back. It really took me by surprise because she’s never been easily given to irrational and baseless notions.

Am I wrong to look at her now after all these years and think she’s not the brilliant woman of my dreams? I can’t help revisiting our history together with a different view of her. The question I have for you is what is wrong with me? I’ve been in love with this woman for years and after one showing of an irrational thought, I’m starting to feel like I need to run. Do I stay or do I go ??


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