Letters – Episode 33 2018

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Hi Sweet and Sour,

Well it’s all said and done, and the question is how do I undo it? We were at my sister's dinner party at her home. She’d been winding me up all night and I was bottling it up. She said something aggressive to me across the table. I shot back with something equally aggressive. To break the tension, one of her friends took the initiative, stood up and said, “can you tell how much weight I’ve lost?” Everyone jumped in to help change the subject and was complimenting her except for me. Still seething at my sister, I yelled out to this poor woman, “You’ve still got a fat arse, you pig!”

I didn’t even get the chance to apologise and at that point, it wasn’t even in my head to even think about apologising. My sister’s husband and the friend’s husband picked me up and threw me out.

Last month I called my sister to apologise and she just wound me up again, laughed, said it’s not her that needed the apology, it’s her friend but I’m not allowed to go anywhere near her. The poor woman had been on a diet for 8 months, lost massive amounts of weight but I made her completely discouraged by calling her a fat arse pig. It’s awful.

What can I do panellists please??


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