Letters – Episode 31 2018

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Dear Panel,

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to meet great guys. You know the ones who actually want a relationship, who are not afraid of commitment, who are fun, love your family and friends and who shares similar values.

6 months ago I met such a guy. At 34 most of my friends are married and I was starting to think I’d be left on the shelf.

The man of my dreams strolls into my life; smart, confident, alfa male, sportsman, kind, considerate and great in bed. He loves the way I dress and buys me gifts, especially sexy lingerie. He is highly turned on to see me in lingerie and it is a big feature in our lovemaking.

Last week I came home to find him in my lingerie and he was highly aroused being caught. I was confused and upset, he told me he was not a cross-dresser but he wears women’s lingerie almost every day. He says it’s just normal to him and he loves the way he looks and feels and it shouldn’t make a difference what he wears.

I really thought this was the one for me but I am turned off at the thought and sight of him in women’s lingerie. Am I being too prudish? Are peoples fetishes deal breakers? Please help me as I’m too embarrassed to talk about it.


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