Letters – Episode 29 2018

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Hello Mitch and Panellists,

So Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes play chess with each other about who should be the Australian Prime Minister and ultimately the domino falls and we have ScoMo in the box seat. Does anyone in this country feel the same as me in that these two billionaires, and any millionaires for that matter, have no place meddling in our body politic at all, except on an equal footing as the rest of us, at election time or in the office of their local representative?

They’ve both done exceptionally well, and that’s good for them but how dare they try to extend their control over our collective resources by sheer force of monetary power and influence. When did our Australian democracy become the plaything of the corporate megalomaniacs, as it obviously has now become?

When Kerry Packer was alive, anyone interacting with him and subsequently purchasing shares was instantly guilty of insider trading. Surely the panel agrees that we need to have similar laws to prevent the influence of millionaires and their lobbyists, in our political system. What’s the point of elections if it’s always going to be Rupert’s call? For heaven sake, he’s not even an Australian Citizen anymore.


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