Letters – Episode 28 2018

Below are the letters from Episode 28 2018. Have your say on these topics in the comments section.

Hello Mitch and Panellists,

I have a very attractive sister who without question is a dangerous (to herself) sex addict. She’s additionally so bad and so demanding that none of the guys she meets and takes home ever want to talk to her again and they certainly turn the other way when they see her in the street or at a coffee shop.

She’s 24 and I hope she grows out of this constant one night - all night sex obsession because I hate seeing her treat herself with such little respect out of her addiction. Half the problem is that she’s yet to find a guy who will stay with her because as I see it she puts them under so much pressure to perform.

So panellists at what point should I intervene here. Should I open my mouth now or should I keep quiet and wait until she calls out for help? Is that what sex addicts do though? Do they call out for help? I know she's also hurting herself by looking for love in all the horribly wrong places.


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