Letters – Episode 27 2018

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Dear Mitch and Panellists,

I've been invited to so many friends’ weddings already this year, and I have to tell you gay weddings are the most fun!! I've enjoyed each of them immensely. I'm planning to marry next year and it's going to cost a packet.

My boyfriend threw me a curve ball when he asked quite seriously, why is it that we have to be plugged into the wedding circus just because it's the always done thing? I sat back and thought about it, and he might be right. I've never thought about it before. We do it because it's always been an accepted custom. Think about it for more than 5 minutes and you come to the conclusion that all the dreams of a glamorous, once in a life time, fairy tale wedding followed by an eternity of wedded bliss, are pretty much just an illusion, designed to keep us all plugged into perpetuating the very merry, merry-go-round. Those who have done it, need everyone else to do it as well it seems .

So Panellists are weddings just an expensive cultural waste? Is marriage a total con? I'm totally committed to my boyfriend and he to me and it will stay that way until we don't feel like that anymore whether we go through the circus or not? So I’m thinking now, why would I?


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