Letters – Episode 10 2017

Below are the letters from Episode 10 2017. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Dear Mitch and Panellists,

My daughter (24) has been through toooooo many prospective boyfriends. She doesn’t sleep around or anything like that, she will meet someone and when it looks like they might have relationship potential she will Google any possible information in the public arena that has ever been put on the net or the web (whatever it’s called).

Invariably she terminates the relationship before it starts, or worse, confronts the poor chap about whatever she has learnt about him and doesn’t like, and that will sour any chance of a relationship progressing.

I’m so concerned that she’s destroying her opportunities before they even launch that I’m writing to you? Am I wrong to be so concerned or is google a safe bet for everyone now?

Katerina, South Perth, WA

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