Letters – Episode 17 2016

Below are the letters from Episode 17 2016. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Dear Sweet and Sour,

No one does it on their own. Not a single, solitary soul! It’s a myth of testosterone and a culture of ‘man making his mark’ that has perpetuated this crazy notion that goes completely against our evolution. We all need people.

I’m writing because my twin boys who are both private school educated have just been lectured to by their school principal that they must break away from one another and make it on their own. The boys are bright and help one another study and they constantly top both the academic awards and sporting awards in their year. They are each other’s mentor and they are very loving and close brothers with the best sense of humour, always making each other laugh.

I am very aware that the school doesn’t appreciate family monopoly of awards because then the focus is on a family and not the school. Yet my boys have found a success model that is real and can be lifelong just like my husband and his brother who aren’t twins. If every child was taught from an early age that no one makes it on their own, we just may have a far better society. Do the panellists have personal experience of this truth?

Charlotte, Caulfield, Vic

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