Letters – Episode 40 2015

Below are the letters from our Episode 40. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: Wedding Blues

Hi Sweet and Sour Panelists,

My fiancé wants the fairy tale wedding and that would be fine if we had the fairy tale budget. Housing prices in Perth have become affordable (almost) and I would like to take the opportunity to buy a house for us to live in. Here’s the rub, it’s either or; we either use our savings to place a deposit on a house or we splash it on a single night feeding and entertaining other people, and in the process, hopefully making it a night to remember but we simply can’t afford both. It will take years for us to again save the money we have.

I’m happy to elope to Bali, Hawaii or wherever and make our wedding a romantic, happy occasion that’s memorable. She’s not budging however. How do I get passed this? She says she’s been dreaming about her Cinderella wedding since she was a little girl and that just makes me feel horribly guilty to think that I’ll take that away from her.

At the same time, I think she’s being horribly immature and I ‘d rather commence our married life a little more securely especially in these uncertain economic times.

Darren, Hamersley, WA

Letter Two: The Blog Fog

Hello Sweet and Sour,

Beautiful model Essena O’Neil quit her blog and social media because she realized it isn’t the truth. She said the expectation of advertisers and even the recipients weren’t real and all of it is money and profit driven.

She said she just didn’t look perfect every single day and didn’t behave the way that she was supposed to for the sake of continuing advertising sponsorship dollars and to grow her reach to the public. In short, she had to create a false persona to stay in the game. She quit in a blaze of public glory and blew the lid off the huge social media lie just to stay sane.

So being a mum of three teenage girls and totally sensitive to the pressures they face every day growing up in this superficial world, how do I get my girls to see for themselves the reality that Essena discovered? How do I convince them that they should be living in the real world and not in the electronic world of make believe, this social media planet? It’s a very new but very real issue for all of our young people.

Deanna, Prospect, SA

Letter Three: What Ya Guna Do?

Hello Mitch and Guests,

What is so attractive about a bad boy? Please let me know? I fret every weekend night until my stunningly attractive 20- year-old daughter comes home because she’s roaming the streets on the back of a motor bike with her new biker boyfriend.

She was going out with a good looking, very charming 28- year-old merchant banker until she met this unshaven, unemployed, rough looking 30-year-old biker at a bar (well that’s what she told me, but for all I know it was probably on Tinder or similar). I’m petrified each night she’s out until she arrives home. I just don’t get it. Is it some excitement factor? Is it that she’s being attracted by an opposite? Is it just animal sexuality? I don’t get it! I don’t know how to make sense of it.

I remember reading years ago that women are attracted to bad boys but I thought that was total rubbish even then. Now I just don’t understand it and yet it’s playing out in front of me in my own daughter’s life. I’ve asked her to tell me what she finds so attractive about him but she disregards me and says, “Mum if you don’t get it, I can’t explain it to you!”

So panelists could you please let me know why my daughter is so attracted to this member of our society’s dregs.

Faye, Kingsford, NSW

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