Letters – Episode 19 2015

Below are the letters from our Episode 19 2015Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: Drug Money

Dear Sweet and Sour Panellists,

Oh my goodness! Shock! Horror! Disbelief! It turns out that drug companies among others are paying less than 1% tax, as if we didn’t know, because they can manipulate the cost of their products by simply repricing them in other countries and selling them on to themselves using the inflated prices in Australia. They do it because they can!! It’s not just the drug companies either. It’s most of these huge multinationals!!

We the people lead quiet lives of desperation, forever on the economic treadmill, while foreign shareholders of these companies, (most of whom are other companies owned by billionaires), sit back and greedily consume what should be the Australian People’s money. Greece never reformed its taxation system and look at the state it’s in!!

Please panellists send the message to our politicians now, to make sure these corporate pirates don’t get away with our kids’ future!!

Tenille, Baccus Marsh, Vic

Letter Two: Macho Mrs.

Hello Mitch and Guests,

I’m compromised. My wife has made me feel compromised. She’s tougher than me! Without saying too much about her job, it’s one that’s traditionally male dominated and is involved in protecting others. I’m a chef. I do all the cooking at home too.

She’s a wonderful loving lady and I adore her to bits but I don’t know how to keep up my sense of being a man when I feel that she’s the stronger character in every way. She’s even into sports in a bigger way than me too.

Am I wrong to feel so uneasy? But what can I do to feel otherwise. She’s so much better than me in every male pursuit? I don’t feel this uncomfortable with other blokes who are better than me at most things? We’ve been together for 6 years now and she was the one to ask me, all those years ago, to marry her!! It’s playing havoc with my peace of mind.

Kraig, Maddington, WA

Letter Three: Kid Daddy

Dear Sweet and Sour,

My father in law home schooled my wife and her two sisters when they were growing up! That’s right, they never attended a formal school of any sort. They are all so clever too, but that just may be because their parents are clever. Now one generation on, my super smart wife wants to home school any kids we may have. She’s 4 months pregnant to our first so I figure we really only have about 3 years at the most to sort this out.

I’m the product of the public school system and I turned out better than alright. My brother received a scholar ship to a private school and he too has done ok for himself. I simply don’t want to isolate any of my kids at home and I’m pretty sure life is far more about developing sense of community. I always thought I would be agonising over decisions on the private vs public school debate for any kids I might have. Now I’m stuck in the home school vs formal school debate.

My Mrs is smart but surely kids miss out on so much social interaction among other things while they are stuck in the home for their schooling years?

Angelo, Paddington, NSW

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