Letters – Episode 11 2015

Below are the letters from our Episode 11 2015. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: Pay Up

Dear Sweet and Sour,

What a selfish nation we are, really. All we want to do is cut the foreign aid budget! Yeah sure we want to look after our own back yard and all that but in real terms, as a proportion of our GDP we give only 0.22 percent in foreign aid. So much for being neighbourly in a region where we are the richest and the least populous!

We luxuriate in our cities and suburban life styles ignorant to the plight of others except in the occasional news story. Do the maths; there are huge numbers of people living in our neighbouring countries saddled with primitive medical, agricultural and economic practices making them desperate for the lure what they see us enjoying. We must balance the ledger. The ‘have nots’ are looking at us ‘haves’ and see us acting like spoilt brats. We owe so much to our future generations.

One of those debts to our kids we can start delivering on now, through the Foreign Aid budget is the debt of ensuring good regional relations with those less fortunate than we. Surely the panel agrees 0.22% of our GDP is a pittance?

Brandon, Churchlands, WA

Letter Two: Frequent Flirter

Hello Everyone,

I travel one hell of a lot. I Didn’t plan my career to head in that direction but in the last 5 years as the retail economy has headed south, the many redundancies in the company for which I work has meant that I have assumed more and more of the travelling both domestically and internationally.

Ok there’s nothing wrong with that, but it impacts on my home life. I’m a loving dad to three kids all under 12, plus a beautiful wife who is very supportive. Now because I’m away so often and for long stretches, when I arrive home I always find my lovely wife very happy to see me but utterly exhausted. Very understandable and I do my all to give her a break once I’m home. I’m sure you can see where this is all going. Those amorous opportunities that tend to almost evaporate anyway when the demands of the kids take their toll have completely evaporated!

Without getting into everything, could you give me some idea of what could possibly happen here because I love my wife and kids very much, but it’s difficult for all of us. There aren’t the employment opportunities now to readily swap. I’m also constantly hit on by women when I’m travelling but I’ve never given in and don’t want to but maybe that the pressure valve release that my marriage needs at the moment.

So please, the panel’s thoughts would be appreciated.

Kevin, Fairfield, Vic

Letter Three: Straight Shoot

Hi Guys,

I watch you all the time and enjoy some of the points you make but admittedly not all. And some of your panellists I simply turn off if they are talking rubbish but think they have the right to keep talking crap. Your show generally focuses on straight people. Well I’m a gay man and I’m here to tell you that sexual harassment by women is a huge issue that goes under the radar.

I’m admittedly a very good looking man and even in gay clubs where you’d think it wouldn’t happen I get hit on and harassed by women. Not only are they pushy and say things like “I can turn you” or “You’re not going to waste yourself on men”, several women have even attempted to place my hand on their private areas.

I have no idea how to handle myself in these instances because I feel like society will punish me if I do or say anything. Women it seems are the most protected in our society, and have far more implied rights in the community certainly more than the Gay community yet they can be amongst the most aggressive and base when it suits them.

What do I do any anyone in my position?

Ruben, North Ryde, NSW

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