Letters – Episode 8 2015

Below are the letters from our Episode 8 2015. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: 150 First Dates

Dear Sweet and Sour,

I’m a mum of three girls and was incensed by that idiot woman who has spent the last two years dating 3 times a week and bagging all men insisting there aren’t any keepers.  The woman offends me!!

I keep telling my daughters not to chase love and it will find them when they least expect it. The young 25 year-old woman in question, in my mind is a superficial, one dimensional pants chaser whose problem simply is that she is the most boring woman in the country. I can’t expect she has much on offer men since she spends all her free time dating and doesn’t have any interests other than pants chasing. Men don’t want to be dated and trapped. Like women, men want to be charmed, infatuated, bedazzled, entertained, enticed…. not sized up as a prospect and categorised.

On top of all that she says, “she offers to pay” which also demonstrates that she’s a total sponge. People don’t offer to pay anymore, they just pay! Please panellists let my daughters hear your views on why this woman is not any sort of role model and is nothing but a serial, superficial pants chaser; and also please offer your views on what it is that makes a good and lasting union.

Jessica, Melville, WA

Letter Two: Boobs Up!

Hello Everyone,

Boobs, boobs and bigger boobs. We live in a very strange era where we are obsessed by boobs. The bigger the better. Everyone is getting or thinking about getting bigger or better boobs, even men. It’s just become an accepted idea in our society, totally normal, but it’s really a very odd cultural phenomenon!

We humans do this every so often but we don’t acknowledge it’s odd unless it’s pointed out to us. These are bits of flesh on our chest that already stick out beyond our body and because we have this notion that bigger protrusions at the front make us more attractive, we’ve become obsessed. It’s exactly the same as the Masai women of Africa wearing neck rings to stretch the neck length, because they think longer neck make them attractive.

I’m writing to you because I need to dissuade my 16-year-old daughter who is caught up in this boob culture, from even thinking about a boob job. She’s too young, too self-conscious, too caught up. We need to stop this silly form of barbarism now. I have too many girl friends who have had too many complications from boob jobs. What can I say to my beautiful girl who is already 10C?

Kelly, Bunbury WA

Letter Three: Family Fail

Hi Panelists,

I think I’m writing to you out some small sense of frustration. I love my family and they are the most important thing in the world to me. My frustration is that I don’t understand why so many people in this world given the opportunity don’t reflect the same family priority.

I’ve seen reality show contestants enter these make believe realms knowing that they are there for months and that’s fine for young people, even must for them to learn to stand on their own feet, which is why we encourage them to travel and work overseas etc. What however, is in the mind of these supposedly responsibly parents or partners who, for the chance to experience vacuous celebrity, will leave their loved ones in the care of others so they can have a big shot at the superficial glamour industry.

I’ve watched mums leave their children for months to be on cooking shows. I’ve seen people leave their terminally ill loved ones to be in “the House” only to be taken out distraught at the sad news of their loved one’s passing. It all makes for great viewing drama but what does it say about the priorities of society in general.  Are we losing touch with our fundamental emotional needs to the extent that we are prioritising achieving fame and fortune way beyond the real things in life?

Brenda, Botany, NSW

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