Letters – Episode 37 2014

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Letter One: Blasphemy

Hey Panellists,

I don’t celebrate Christmas and haven’t for many years. I’m an Atheist and quite apart from that I don’t see any justifiable reason to hop in and join in the sheer stress that Christmas brings! Additionally I will not celebrate the anniversary of the birth of someone else’s God, and I find it quite offensive when someone hypocritically commemorates something, which they don’t believe in. Put it this way, unless you are Jewish or Muslim you wouldn’t celebrate Hanukah or Ramadan, would you?

There’s the argument that Christmas should be about family, and I’m all up for spending quality time with mine on any day but how is it that we’ve become so busy that we only see our extended families at Christmas (plus perhaps the occasional wedding or funeral)? With less than 50% of all Australians believing in a Christian God, why does this day particular this day still hold so much importance?

Joshua, Midland, WA

Letter Two: Cash, Credit or Crisis?

Hey Mitch,

I’m not a Grinch or anything; I’ve just got four children and it breaks my heart whenever they ask for an expensive Christmas gift, because I just can’t give it to them.

In saying that, when the hell did it become the norm for parents and family to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on each child? When did people start putting themselves in debt just to appease superficial commercial expectations? If I was to receive a simple card from someone I would be extremely grateful.

Has the purpose of Christmas become devalued due to these superficial expectations and is it just getting worse every year? I heard on recent news reports the average family will spend more than $4000.00 this year at Christmas. As a society it seems to me that we are going overboard with how much we spend. For many regular families, this just isn’t sustainable without going in debt.

Isn’t Christmas about family, not things?

Virginia, Newcastle, NSW

Letter Three: Santa is Dead

Hey Panel,

As we approach this lovely holiday time of the year, many will be filled with joy watching the kids get excited about Saint Nick spoiling them all. I went present shopping with my darling seven-year-old daughter the other day and that dreaded statement popped out of her mouth. “You can stop pretending. I know Santa isn’t real.”

Naturally I immediately went to tell her otherwise. And then I stopped and faced a dilemma. It seems that these days’ children grow up so much quicker. And my daughter is pretty clued on kid. When should I stop telling her that some guy crawls down our non-existent chimney ever year, which let’s face it, is kind of creepy.

Why should I demoralise this intelligent little human being when she’s obviously come to this inevitable conclusion by herself?

Mark, Saint Kilda, Vic

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