Letters – Episode 35 2014

Below are the letters from Episode 35 2014Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One:  3rd Time Lucky?

Hi Sweet and Sour,

I think I’m in love with someone who by habit will not be in love with me forever. He’s been divorced twice. That’s ok, there are plenty who have had two unsuccessful marriages and on average I’m sure that can happen and quite often.

My man is 44, very successful in business, very focused, has three kids already and wants to marry me next year. He expects it won’t last because his last two didn’t!!! Can I change his attitude? Will I be strike 3 in his marriage line up? Has he just been unlucky or is it his fault?

I’m 30. I love him. My family has enormous reservations, as do all my girlfriends. He said to me that he promises to be a great provider for me and any kids we have, whether we are together or not in the long run. At least he’s honest and given the statistics nowadays should a girl not expect to stay married for life?

Devina, Montville, Qld

Letter Two: Brown Eyed Girl

Hello Mitch and Panelists,

My sister has brown eyes and is two years older than me. She’s gorgeous and men just flock to her. She’s smart, much smarter than me but she is so jealous of me I just don’t know what to do. She is always telling me in a very bitchy tone, that I’m the one with the blue eyes and long lashes so I don’t need any help with anything. She always introduces me as the pretty one but also the dumb one!!

I’m not dumb. I’m just not as smart as she. I’ve never been interested in any boy that she’s been out with although she’s always flirting with mine and I just ignore it. I burst into tears once when we were in a night club together because she just treated me like the pesky little sister hanging around, but all she could do is tell me to go home and stop embarrassing her.

I really love her and miss our closeness that we had up until I was 17 and she was 19, almost 5 years ago. Please let me know what I could possibly do here or am I destined to have a horrible relationship with my beautiful sister forever?

Maggie, Claremont, WA

Letter Three: Nah to Kids

Hi Sweet and Sour,

She doesn’t want kids. She just doesn’t want kids. We were both ambivalent about it when we married 8 years ago and had no plans one-way or the other to have kids or not. I just presumed sooner or later we would because that’s what everyone does in the end!!

We were at her parents’ home having dinner when her mum started nagging about wanting to babysit for grandchildren soon (my wife’s an only child), and that we’d been married long enough. Well my wife just blurted out that her mum should just get it removed totally from her head, because there aren’t going to be any grandkids!! When I asked if she was going to have that conversation with me soon, she just said we don’t need to have that conversation, because we have such a good life and if we wanted kids we would have spoken about it way before now!!

She’s right in saying that we really hadn’t spoken about it in any serious sense, but now that she’s slammed the door closed on the kids issue without so much as a coffee conversation, I want them more than I ever have!! What to do????

Denny, Marrickville, NSW

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