Letters – Episode 34 2014

Below are the letters from our Episode 34 2014. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: Gimme Land!

Dear Mitch and Panellists,

How are my children supposed to ever enjoy the security of a beautiful home in suburbia as we enjoyed when we were growing up? Look, I understand that we can’t live on a quarter acre block -as we called them- anymore, but even so these dog box apartments that we all are being pushing into have astronomical price tags on them! How can this possibly be?

They crowd so many of these little units onto these sites you would expect a much smaller price tag but nothing of the sort. I’ve seen the profits these building developers make. Why have we allowed this to happen? Why have we accepted, without a blink, a path that will place our youth in debt for the rest of their lives? Who is responsible for this terrible plight? What’s the answer here to correct housing affordability for the next gen?

Brian, Roleystone, WA

Letter Two: Wink Wink Nudge

Well, Who’s a pretty boy then panellists? Certainly not Tony Abbott! Even when he winks to his host on a radio talk back show when he hears the caller, a pensioner, has to resort to phone sex work to supplement the pension, he looks ugly. Or should I say, seen for how he truly is… ugly, ugly, ugly, especially in his budgie smugglers!!

Or is he? Have the left wing press done a total hatchet job on Tony Abbott’s image and we just see him as ugly? My partner, who is a bit of a right winger (as he puts it) says, “There’s nothing wrong with Tony; the press paints him in a negative light.” As for me I can’t stand him, or his backwards and completely stupid stance on global warming; claiming that it’s not the highest of priorities and, much worse, that it isn’t caused by humans.

So, how ugly do the panellists suggest Tony Abbott really is? How much of it is media negativity?

Marie, Surrey Hills, NSW

Letter Three: Double or Nothing

Hello Sweet and Sour,

My very attractive daughter has two boyfriends! That’s the issue, as plain speaking as I can be. I have no idea how to guide her on this simply because my husband’s and my approach from the beginning has been based on our own, probably too conservative, upbringing; and that is, that you simply can’t have two boyfriends!

You can’t marry two people, so why should you think it’s ok to have two boyfriends? Yes, both boyfriends know of each other and are apparently very good friends too. She’s 24 and certainly has the right to do whatever she wants. She moved out of home after her studies finished, and she went to work, for good mining money, two years ago moving in with two girlfriends. Over the two years the girls have moved out and the boys both moved in.

I hate to think what the sleeping arrangements are here but that’s none of my business and my only concern is guiding my daughter correctly. What does the panel believe to be appropriate thing to do here? What can come of this arrangement?

Nancy, Pascoe Vale, Vic

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