Letters – Episode 33 2014

Below are the letters from Episode 33 2014Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: Sleeping with a beast

Dear Mitch and Panel,

I’m so sick of double standards!!! Specifically, my husband is completely intolerant of any pets sharing our bed. He’s simply not an animal lover and just doesn’t like any animal at all.

He yells and screams and traumatizes both me and the staffies (two puppies) that he curses about because he doesn’t think it’s hygienic to have dogs in the bedroom. Well there’s the double standard because I keep these two gorgeous dogs utterly clean in every respect.

My husband on the other hand comes to bed without washing and often stinks to high heaven of one thing or another. And no matter what happens when he goes to bed, he always smells twice as bad when he wakes up! I suppose we all do! So what can I do here? These puppies that I keep very clean need a lot of attention and my husband needs to evolve. Just how do I get him to do that please?

Beth, Nunawading, Vic

Letter Two: Scrambled or Fried

Hello Mitch and Panellists,

She’s a little bit of a daddy’s girl but I love her. And I love her loving her dad because he’s such a wonderful man.  At 27, she still lives at home with her parents and her dad dotes on her. I’m fine with all of that and I should mention that her mum is great also. We’ve been engaged for 3 months

and I thought it would be a smart idea if we moved in together. Well my friends are completely divided on the issue. Many are telling me that she’s a daddy’s girl and I won’t want her once we live together. Others, who are just a little traditionally minded are anti living together and suggest that without commitment, it’s just a licence for a girl to get everything without much giving much back. Then another group says, forget planning a marriage, just live together. My wonderful daddy’s girl of a fiancé, would prefer to stay at home until we married but she says that I can make that decision for the two of us. I haven’t moved in any direction yet and I’m almost paralysed to make a decision either way. So I’d appreciate a little bit of guidance in this matter folks. Move in or just start planning a wedding and deal with adjusting to one another after the honeymoon?

Mark, Liverpool, NSW

Letter Three: Permit to Breathe

Hello Panelists,

I’ll come straight out with it. I’ve never had a boy friend. Next year I’ll be thirty and I’ve never had a boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a virgin or anything. I had sex for the first time when I was in my late teens but that was more through peer pressure. Since then I’ve had some one night or at the most three night stands, but nothing more than that  and  usually, when I was on a holiday and travelling somewhere.

I’m not unattractive. A lot of people say that, but I was a moderately successful catalogue and photographic model until 5 years ago when I graduated from Uni as a dentist. So I figure, I could be considered a bit of a catch, but for some reason I’m not. My mum says it’s because I have an aloof air, whatever that is. I agree I’m not much good at small talk but is that a failing? I’m very effeminate. I’m still very fit and healthy looking. I go out very often with my girlfriends all of whom have tried to set me up with guys.

I’ve been on a hundred set up dates but I never get asked out on the follow up. I have a girlfriend who unfortunately for her has the worst body odor on the surface of the Earth. Even she managed to get married two years ago. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Some tips for getting a boyfriend would be very much appreciated.

Michaela, Wembley, WA

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