Letters – Episode 29 2014

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Letter One:  Size Matters?

Dear Mitch,

Could you please discuss this issue when you have another all female panel because the comments of women will have more currency in this instance? To many, it’s an old chestnut that’s disregarded as trivia, but it’s one of those uncomfortable topics that men will only joke about but never discuss seriously with their mates. It’s the size issue. Specifically does size really matter?

I can tell you, that every male listening just reacted by vocally disregarding the issue but is listening intently for your answers. I have no idea how important size is and have been tempted to splash cash and buying some of those penis- enlarging products. If it’s not an issue could the women let us men know.

This issue plays on the mind of all men like me who have yet to be in a long term relationship and also more than likely in the mind of the all the others as well, they just don’t have cause to dwell on it like me.


Peter, Brunswick, Victoria

Letter Two: Taming Game

Dear Panelists,

Could you please tell me what it is about young men who allow themselves to be brainwashed or seduced into ridiculous and dangerous behaviours. I’m specifically thinking of those men who volunteer for terrorist organisations and purposely move to inflict harm on other humans.

The more I think of it however the more I realise that these behaviours are everywhere, on the road driving, in biker gangs, in pubs…something makes them want to be aggressive and dangerous. What do we need to be instilling in our entire society to change the dangerous motivations?

I was reading recently that Tibetan people, were once a very feared and dangerous warrior people, with the males the most feared of all Asian tribes but one the Buddhist philosophy swept through the Asian region, the entire nationality became peace loving and respectful of all forms of life.

Could we repeat this example in the western world? Because we need to, and soon.

Claire, Floreat, WA

Letter Three: Not on the Lips

Hi Sweet and Sour,

What a horrible thing. He’s just a casual acquaintance but every time he sees me he kisses me on the lips. It makes me feel horribly uncomfortable. And yes I did tell him and in a very light hearted manor so he wouldn’t take offence. He laughed but said ok.

He did it again the next time I saw him. So I told him again. He apologised and giggled uncomfortably. Since then I’ve just given up mentioning it and he just repeats the same behaviour. My husband tells me I’m being silly even though my husband never does it to any of his female family members or female friends.

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill. Is there a courtesy protocol that suggests kissing on the lips is reserved for more intimate associations?

Katerina H, Bellevue Hill, NSW

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