Letters – Episode 27 2014


Below are the letters from our Episode 27 2014. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: No Returns

Dear Mitch and Panellists,

My ex-wife left me 5 years ago for another man with a bigger pocket. I was her 5th marriage. She was my 3rd. I’m well aware that she always lept to men who could support her better than the last. She’s now almost 50 and beginning to look her age but she’s still very pretty. Well for the first time in her life she’s been dumped, (by her 6th husband) and she has immediately run back to me asking me to take care of her, and telling me things like she really has always loved me and she wants me to want her back etc etc.

I haven’t re-partnered since our break up and even though I had a few small relationships in the last few years I felt that I still had some residual feelings for her and needed to work through it all. Now she’s back in my face and asking to come into my life again. I have both alarm bells ringing and feelings of delight at the same time.

Quite simply panellists, am I going to get hurt again and what should I be doing?

Michael, Armadale, Vic

Letter Two: Peaceniks

Hi Panel,

Here we are having returned almost to the same point as we do on a regular basis, gearing up to go warring again. Obama wants to build a coalition of the war mongers so we can repeat the same mistakes that we have failed to learn from decade after decade, century after century. I was in the peace movement in the 1960’s and I’m just staggered that there is a complete absence of any anti war sentiment in the community.

Why were the 60 so switched on and today we are just lambs to the slaughter. Why is there such a deafening silence with the younger generation to voice any discontent with the war mongering coming out of Washington and Canberra?

When will we take to the streets to reclaim our peace in the world  for our piece of the world.

Geoff, Wembley, WA


Letter Three: Is Love Blind?

Dear Sweet and Sour,

I met my wife while I was holidaying in Europe. We married after a month of total romance and she happily hopped on the plane with me, left her European home and moved here to Sydney with me.  Together we are happy and in love. That’s where it ends.

The moment we include others, there’s a problem. We went to an intimate dinner party of six couples. Her social skills I found were not the best. She made no conversation with anyone even though they tried to engage her, and when we sat at the dinner table her manners were so atrocious I was totally embarrassed, she couldn’t  even hold a knife and fork properly. When she’s with my family she wants to leave quickly. Because she’s so far from home I am at pains to make her feel comfortable but I realise that I am compromising my interests.

While life is still romantic for us she’s not necessarily interested in the things I am and begrudges my time spent away from her. She a little stubborn and fiery and not easily told. Can it last for us or do you feel I’ve made a mistake that I know so many have made in the past because as they say “Love is Blind!” 

Will, Kogarah Bay, NSW

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