Letters – Episode 26 2014

Below are the letters from our Episode 26. Click Here to Watch our Panel discuss these topics and share your thoughts on the letters below.

Letter One: Affair.com

Hi Panellists,

I found her cheating on me. I walked in and there was a man’s voice coming from the bedroom along with my wife’s. I had the good sense to leave immediately and confront her later. She didn’t deny it and said that it was only the second time it had happened and in being, bored she decided to have an affair because it was so easy to do. She thought as long as she hid it, I wouldn’t get hurt. She doesn’t want to break up. She loves me she says. She loves our life together. She said whilst she found it exciting she didn’t find it fulfilling in the way our relationship is. She also confessed that it may happen again in a moment of weekness!

She showed me how easy it was to hook up now with so many websites dedicated to having affairs. She just followed through. Is this what every relationship now will have to endure? I thought to leave her but what’s the point if this is now so normal? Is this a new reality that we have to confront? We were about to start a family but I have no peace of mind at the moment. Can I have the panel’s thoughts please?

Grayden, East Fremantle, WA

Letter Two: To the X-treme

Dear Panellists,

What the hell is wrong with us? How do we tolerate the auction of an Islamic Flag brought from the Syrian battlefield  in a Sydney Mosque raising thousands of dollars for nothing other than terrorism. This is to me is Australian sponsored terrorism on our own people. I get that we are up against a primitive 7th century barbaric brainwashed mentality, I can’t understand why Australian Muslim people in Sydney would be supporting this utter evil when I have Muslim friends who are all just normal and they don’t get this either.

People who buy child pornography on the internet are imprisoned in this country for encouraging and promoting heinous crimes. This is identical. These perpetrators who encourage a 7th century misplaced jihad on the entirety of our Western World  and do it from our shores need to know they have no place nor acceptance in our Society. Why can’t we  treat these fundraiser for evil the same as we do those who buy child pornography and send them to prison. Is it as my friends suggest, that everyone is so scared of a mentality that cannot be reasoned with that we do nothing??

Sarita, Parkville, Vic

Letter Three: No! Turnbull No!

Dear Sweet and Sour,

It’s quite obvious Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t have any compassion for much in his life other than the big commercial dollar because his unilateral decision to take all Community TV Stations across the nation off the air is utterly immoral. Apparently they can sell the broadcasting spectrum for a bigger dollar to commercial operators. That’s just bull dust; we all know there are so many numbers on our dial unallocated, and about ten that they have given out for nothing other than selling exercise equipment, nutria-bullets, kitchen appliances and wonder bras . And in that alone Turnbull shows his colours. He would rather permit the broadcasting of 10 mindless selling stations in every state rather than  one  community station  dedicated to volunteers, training, community groups, local sporting groups, charity groups etc. To use the Aussie vernacular he’s a wanker.

Turnbull also said that Community Stations would be better off heading to broadcast on the internet but at the same time he failed to offer any help to provide such facilities for them. 

There is frankly no material reason economic or otherwise for this to happen. To me it’s just mean spirited, possibly based on a philosophical hatred of all things community and  non-commercial. 

He’s a multimillionaire unaccustomed to losing so he’s hit those who don’t have the means to hit back. Community TV was never been about corporate dollars  and political muscle that’s why it’s Community for heaven sake. 

And I suspect he really doesn’t care, but generally people above the age of 40 don’t watch TV on the internet. In the main, this is a demographic tuning into Community. 

From a well respected politician he’s turned into a mean spirited loser. Perhaps  his frustration at 1) losing the leadership to Abbott, 2) losing his climate change deal with ex pm-Kevin Rudd  and 3) being the Minister responsible for delivering a second rate national broadband scheme has turned him sour and stupid.

So please discuss and do something about this please Sweet and Sour.

Daniel, North Adelaide, SA

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