Letters – Episode 34 2012

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Ho Ho Ho Everyone,

So the Pope wants to play the Christmas scrooge this year! The Vicar of Christ on Earth now wants to tell everyone that Christ wasnt born on the 25th of December, was born years before the date marked as zero, and cows, sheep, horses etc werent in the real nativity scene. Next hell be saying that there is no Santa and Rudolf is the creation of American song writers!

Here we are struggling to maintain Christian celebrations in the face of the growing influence of political correctness where we are made to feel that it is more inclusiveto say things like Happy Holidaysinstead of Merry Christmasand the Boss goes and announces this stuff! It seems this misguided Pope has decided to give a push to the anti-Christmas band wagon!

If the Pope is going to throw cold water over us at Christmas, why should any of us bother?! Why should I get involved in that hectic retail circus and the whole Christmas spirit fiasco when more than likely next year the pope may very well tell us to forget singing carols because the little drummer boy never existed and the 12 days of Christmas are actually 3 days of flatulence! So the question is, why should any of us bother?

Marcus, La Peruse, NSW

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