This Week's Guests

  • Kym "Bid" Bidstrup
  • Julie Kay Darby
  • Harry Bozin
  • Dr Katherine Iscoe

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On the agenda this week, My 30-year-old daughter is attracted to powerful women. She does anything for them and they invariably use, abuse and dump her, in that order. I need to help her because she can’t help herself. I don't understand the lure. Are gay people any different to hetero people in this regard??!

Plus why are big businesses allowed to destroy Australian heritage for profit, while our leaders stand back and watch? And She’s going out with two guys right now. Neither knows the other one exists, and she keeps telling me that she doesn’t know which one she likes in preference!

Your Say

Are relationship issues for people in the gay community the same as those in the hetero community?

Do you believe Rio Tinto's destruction of the 46000 year old indigenous heritage site without penaltysets a dangerous precendent for other companies to do similar?

Have we reached an age of anything goes in relationship politics?