[IN ISOLATION] Episode #2


This Week's Guests

  • Mandi Welch
  • Jeremy Giuntini
  • Suzie Hunt
  • Lewis               

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We're back! We may not have access to our normal studios, but thanks to modern technology we are able to bring you Sweet and Sour In Isolation!

This week, with 19-29 year olds being the largest spreader of COVID-19, are they also the age group that will ignore the COVIDSAFE App? PLUS  With everyone staying home and working from home, is it causing more problems, particularly in the weight & hygiene areas? AND They've never given him any gifts at significant occassions. So can kids ever love step-parents as much as their real parents?

Join our panel as they solve Australia's issues....From their homes!

Your Say

They are the age group spreading the largest proportion of COVID-19, around 40%. Do you believe that similarly the 19- 29 year olds will also largely ignore downloading the CovidSafe App?

Are the majority of Aussies eating much more and putting on weight during the COVID-19 isolation?

Can kids ever love step parents as much as their own parents?