Episode 30 2019


This Week's Guests

  • Hon. Bob Kucera
  • Mandi Welch                Jewellery Designer / Home Style Consultant
  • Candice Barnes                  Marriage Celebrant / Journalist
  • Jon Lewis                            Presenter 6PR

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On this episode of Sweet and Sour, My Daughter wants to go on the Bachelor! How can I convince her it's nothing more than debasing women? PLUS Why do we choose to put ourselves in harms way while overseas, when we know the consequences? AND Should transgender males be allowed in female sporting competitions? Our panel have their say.

Your Say

Would you encourage your family members to apply to be on The Bachelor or the Bachelorette?

In considering the plight of many currently in prisons around the world do you think majority of Australian tourists are naive to the dangers of foreign travels?