Episode 26 2019



This Week's Guests

  • Daniel Pallaras                     Director - Pallaras Legal
  • Michelle Marie                  Events Management
  • Nikki Pallaras                Engineer
  • Remigi Rageth                Engineer

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I's a family affair! Gary's mum is turning 90, so she pops in to say hello. All her family are in town from across Australia & the world to celebrate. But before the party they have one important stop - the Sweet and Sour desk!

This week, Are men afraid of speaking their mind, for fear of being called a misogynist? Plus What makes a good leader nowadays? And How do you motivate someone to lose weight? We'll tackle all this and more on this special edition. of Sweet and Sour!

Your Say

Are men now scared to speak out against the bullying behaviour of females for fear of being accused of misogyny?

Do you find politics around the world is lacking in real and meaningful leadership?

Is it near impossible to motivate others to be more healthy?