Episode 14 2019


This week on Episode 14, Gary is joined on the panel by PETER KATSAMBANIS, DEANNA WHYTE, ALEXANDRA SPARGO & MANNY PAPADOULIS.

On this week's Episode:
  • It’s not stirring or uplifting. It’s just boring, it’s just dull and meaningless to the majority. So is it time to change our national anthem?
  • Does money talk more than justice nowadays, even in the schoolyard??
  • We live in an age where we’re not allowed to say this and that. So why is gambling still allowed on TV, to inflict long term pain on many Aussies by inducing them into the betting arena?

Also this week, we pay tribute to one of our favourite guests, Max Kay, who sadly passed away earlier this month.

Your Say

Do you feel a strong connection to the national anthem Advance Australia Fair?

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