Episode 12 2019


This week on Episode 12, Your host Gary Mitchell is joined on the panel by COURTNEY HAHIPENE, LOUANNE WARD, SUZIE HUNT & YVONNE ARDLEY.

On this week's Episode:
  • She was told that marriage would open up her world, but if anything it's weighed her down. So what is the future of marriage? Will it still exist in 50 years?
  • Donald Trump. Brexit. Even our own federal election! over the last 7 years, the polls have been consistently been wrong around the world. So, what is really happening? Are people lying to the pollsters? or is something else at play?
  • He came to visit Australia more than 35 years ago and fell in love with the country and our beaches. But now he finds that everyone is fat and their behaviour is appalling. Can anyone explain why Aussies have become so fat and so uncouth, in the last 40 years?


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Will marriage evolve into a completely different thing in 50 years?

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