Episode 26 2018


This week on Episode 26, GARY MITCHELL welcomes back to the panel all the ladies from last week, CARMEN HANSBERRY, NATALIE BENNETT, TANYA STAPLETON & LIDIA KUKULJ-TINELLI.

This week, the sex of their unborn baby sex will be one of the most significant things among others that define him among others, as he grows through the years. So why the hell is there a push to stop recording a baby's gender on it's birth certificate?? Surely this is taking things too far! PLUS Kim Beazley is now the State Governor of WA. How can a staunch republican tolerate being the Queen’s man? AND there are still people who believe that women who dress provocatively are responsible in part for male sex crimes. How is this still a thing in 2018?

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Should the sex of a baby be recorded on a birth certificate?

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