Episode 20 2018


This week on Episode 20, Your host Gary Mitchell is joined on the panel by CLINTON WHITE, KYMBA CAHILL, JANELLE KOENIG & JAMES HELM.

This week, A Viewer is always ignored, yet her best friend gets all the attention and always the compassionate ears. How does she get her girlfriends to stop the enabling and start encouraging her best friend to start living? PLUS he's a 78-year-old pensioner who has been married to his beautiful wife for 54 years. Now, government officials say he must call her his partner Not Wife! Is this political correctness gone mad? AND Trump got off lightly by the media when he disrespected the queen. Is this viewer wrong to detest this twittering idiot?

Also, GARY ANDERSON Returns with "Help Pour Out the Rain" to close the show.

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Can the comfort zones provided by close friends be a negative for personal growth?

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