Episode 16 2018


This week on Episode 16, Your host GARY MITCHELL is joined at the desk by three students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), JAMES THOMASSON, MIKAYLA MERKS & JIMI RANKIN Plus artist ALEXANDRA SPARGO.

This week on the show:

  • A viewer asks is it time parents are made responsible for their kids actions, regardless of their age?
  • What’s a beauty pageant or competition without the bikini parade?
  • What can she say to her poor love-struck brother who is about to marry someone who just uses and abuses him?

PLUS Local artist & Sweet and Sour Crew member JARETH RAYCRAFT performs "New York" Live!


Should parents be made legally responsible for the behaviour of their under age children?

Should the Bikini Section of beauty competitions be abolished?

Should you ever prevent someone from making a mistake, especially when it concerns their love life?