Episode 26 2017

This week on Episode 26, Your host Gary Mitchell is joined by Bec Hall, Kym “Bid” Bidstrup, Harry Bozin & Julie Kay-Darby.

This week, her relationship isn’t moving along and she doesn’t know where they are headed. Can our panel help? PLUS the Daniel Andrews Labor Government in Victoria has just spent almost $300,000.00 on Facebook trying to positively promote the Premier. Are we better off promoting the National TV Logie Awards or a self- indulgent, all-consuming Premier?

AND Bid’s back with another edition of Movies with Bid. This Month’s movie is “My Love Lillac” 


Can you have both an exceptionally successful business career and an exceptionally successful long term relationship?

Do you consider it proper for politicians to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' funds,promoting themselves on Facebook?