Episode 38 2014

To conclude our 2014 season, guest host John Gangell, is joined by some of the crew that help make Sweet and Sour possible!

Episode 37 2014

Episode 37

Guests: John Gangell, Lisa Neeham, Caitlin Roberts and Harry Bozin
Topics: Blasphemy, Cash,Credit or Crisis? and Santa is Dead

Episode 36 2014

Guests: Steve Maccorra, Lisa Needham, Anita Tassone and Aden Date
Topics: Pick your Moment, Family Unplanning and Health [care?]

Episode 35 2014

Episode 35 2014

Episode 35 Guests: Chrissy Wyse, Farah Ash, Caitlin Roberts and Sheree Raddon from Crazy Sexy Cool Australia Topics: 3rd Time Lucky?, Brown Eyed Girl and Nah to Kids Read this Episode’s Letters [mashshare]

Episode 34 2014

Episode 34

Guests: Paul Entwistle, Candice Barnes, Anita Tassone and Daniel Pallaras
Topics: Gimme Land!, Wink Wink Nudge and Double or Nothing

Episode 33 2014

Episode 33

Guests: Peter Katsambanis, Candice Barnes, Alexandra Spargo and John Gangell
Topics: Sleeping with a beast, Scrambled or Fried and Permit to Breathe

Episode 32 2014

Episode 32

Guest Host: John Gangell
Guests: Clinton White, Stacey Snooks, Tony Macmanus and Liza Beinart
Topics: Stronger Apart, Living Together? and Not Catching on

Episode 31 2014

600th Episode

In this Episode, Sweet and Sour Celebrates our 600th Episode! Join us as we are joined by a host of familiar faces for our Birthday!

Episode 29 2014

Episode 29

Guests: Candice Barnes, Nichola Renton-Weir, Sian Choyce and Suzie Hunt
Topics: Rhythm Methods, Noesy for Safety, Is Love Blind?

Episode 28 2014

Episode 28

Guests: Max Kay (Guest Host), Ben Beaton, Stacey Snooks, Carmen Hansberry and Simon Smith
Topics: Off The Line, Burka Rebuker, My Fair Bogan

Episode 27 2014

Episode 27

Guests: Slim Jim, Bec Walker, Alexandra Spargo and Clinton White
Topics: No Returns, Peaceniks, Is Love Blind?

Episode 26 2014

Episode 26

Guests: Slim Jim, Bec Walker, Alexander Spargo and Clinton White
Topics: Affair.com, To the X-treme, No! Turnbull! NO!